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Potters Thumb

Brighton, United Kingdom

"Bespoke handmade crockery for the catering industry or for home use"
Potters Thumb - A Brighton based studio pottery home to potter Mark Ciavola.
Clay runs through Mark's Veins thanks to his mother Anna who has been a major influence and inspiration through out, engaging Mark in the mesmerising world of art and ceramics since an early age starting in Malta
Mark soon left for the UK where he has been ever since mastering new techniques and skills under the guidance of potters such as Phil Rogers, Michael Casson, Terry and Beverly Bell - Hughes amongst others to then further his studies in Harrogate College and Cardiff institute for higher education.
Mark has since been involved in various projects that has captured his creativity such as stop motion animation, illustration and mostly teaching arts and ceramics at various levels up to Btec national diploma at MCAST in Malta.

Potters Thumb latest project is called "Glass Porcelain" - a project that has been capturing a lot of peoples attention and unique in its approach, dealing with zero waste issues and closing the loop on single use glass focusing on the catering and entertainment industry.
Check out the Glass porcelain page on the website for more details

Potters Thumb - Mark is spreading his love for ceramics and making his work available to all those who appreciate hand thrown or hand made ceramics sculptures.

Potters Thumb has since been working with chefs and restaurant owners directly creataing some amazing bespoke handmade crockery that can be found in Brighton, London across the UK and Overseas.

You can find the Potters Thumb crockery in restaurants such as:
Silo - London -
The Set -
Tristan -
Gravetye Manor -
Little Fish Market -
Frea - Berlin -
CUB - London -
Lyaness -London -
........................................and many more
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Where can you find Potters Thumb's Items?