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Pierre Marie Brisson

Paris, France

Pierre Marie Brisson, a biography of a French contemporary painter

“Brisson produces an intuitive x-ray, the color rubbing, cutting and gluing of various materials having a function similar to X-rays, although more violent in their action and softer in what they reveal. This attention in the look given to the objects was perfected by cubism who realized that a certain exaggeration in the drawing, where the forms and the materials strongly oppose, would create a strange impression of illusion ... " - Extract of text: Fabrice HERGOTT - director of the museum of modern art of the city of Paris

Pierre Marie Brisson - a unique being, an accomplished artist, a lover of life and the Arts - is above all a man who has a unique perspective on the world. From the bottom of a cellar or on the pontoon of a boat, this contemporary creator, French painter who has for charisma the elegance of modesty in what is most animal, captures within his works the celestial and the terrestrial, the imaginary and the historical, the sky and the earth.
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