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Phoebe Boddy

Nottingham, United Kingdom

Food and flavour are my primary sources of inspiration; my paintings are a collection of my responses to eating experiences. Over time, I have developed a greater appreciation for food and the art of creating taste. It angers me to see that people often go to restaurants and are so concerned with photographing their food, that they fail to really appreciate it for what it is - A work of art, for all the senses!

Every painting is titled after a food or food-related. Even just thinking about food, your mind is so powerful you can almost taste it. Your mouth may salivate at the thought of eating! I use colour, form and vibrancy to ensure my paintings speak on behalf of the flavours.

I intend for my art to be a reminder of what the action of consumption should be, and so often isn't. My art is paying homage to all those meals missed and taste-buds un-tantalised due to absent-minded scoffing for necessity rather than pleasure!

Feast yourselves.
Wescover creator since 2020

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