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Phill Bourque

Los Angeles, CA

The most important influences in my work have to be music and travelling. I have always been fascinated with experiencing new places and cultures, especially the people who inhabit them. At an early age I was always interested in drawing, no matter what the project was, I would always find a way to use my visual imagination.

In sixth grade, I began drawing caricatures of famous actors and musicians, this is where my art started to take on a particular style.

In Sophomore year of college, drawing became more of a frequent hobby of mine, taking sketch books where ever I went and utilizing pen sketches instead of pencil. This process made it difficult to erase mistakes and helped me become more mindful of every line i would put down.

Senior year in college I took on my first mural which was 11' high by 22' Long, it was quite a challenge and a long process of sketching, finalizing and executing my work on a larger scale. After completion, I felt confident in any project that would be thrown my way in the future, no matter the size, style or medium.

I attended college at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth in 2009, where I learned to apply various techniques and mediums to assigned projects. After the duration of four years, I had accumulated all of which was needed to start my professional career as an artist. After achieving a bachelor's degree in Illustration in the summer of 2013, I quickly made my way cross country to Los Angeles.
Wescover creator since 2019

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