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Philip Lumbang - Murals and Art
Philip Lumbang
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Philip Lumbang

Los Angeles, CA

The Sacramento-born, Los Angeles-based artist has made a name for himself by painting what has been become known as “polite bears” on public walls around Los Angeles. Providing contrast to typically macho graffiti, his life-sized characters wave, smile, and are accompanied by word balloons that say things like “Have a nice day” and “Don’t worry, be happy.” While the warmth-inducing pieces are bold enough to smite passers-by in buses, bikes, and cars, closer inspection reveals a painterly hand. What might be mistaken for stencils from afar turn out to be the products of a confident brush worthy of a gallery setting. Phil lives in Los Angeles and has previously worked with Shepard Fairey’s Obey Giant Studio Number One.