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Peter Schifrin - Sculptures and Art
Peter Schifrin
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Peter Schifrin

Santa Rosa, CA

Art making is rejoicing. I am interested in creating work that, despite the suffering, celebrates joy within our brief gift of life.

In an artist statement few years ago, one of my expert college students wrote that the goal of his sculpture should be, ‘More fun than un-fun.’
I resonate with this wisdom.

I am interested in the relationship of artist and viewer. I offer works as visual mnemonics affirming life -- Reminders to seize the day.

I push and coax clay and wax with my bare hands. I weld steel or cast bronze into animated forms. This interaction often leaves raw, personal marks in my three-dimensional records of life-force. Imperfect marks are mirrors to my imperfect humanness.

In my ‘all that I know’ series, I condensed principles, which inform my life, into twenty-four single-word affirmations. One of these affirmations is ‘gift’:

Life may not seem like a ‘gift’ at all: A broken arm, a flat tire…worse, a car accident, a roadside bomb, AIDS, the death of a child; these are not gifts. Life often feels more like a harsh slap in the face, than the soft cuddling of a teddy bear.

I created bronze gift/gift coins. When flipped, these hand-stamped coins always land gift-side up -- A reminder that, despite how things appear, it is possible to discover something positive hidden within.

In the face of adversity, it is difficult to remember our wisdom. Each sculpture or coin is dedicated to remembering the affirmative quality that enables us to act, in spite of our fears.