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Pet Lamp by Alvaro Catalan de Ocon

Madrid, Spain

"PET Lamp is a project that mixes the reuse of PET plastic bottles with selected traditional weaving techniques from different corners of the world in order to create unique handmade lampshades"
Back in 2011, Alvaro Catalan de Ocón took part in a project focused on the reuse of PET plastic bottles as a way of addressing the plastic waste issue that was happening in the Colombian Amazon. As an industrial engineer, his starting point was focusing on the deep contradiction that is hidden behind each PET bottle: a product with a very short lifespan that takes decades to decompose. Alvaro reconsidered the role of the plastic bottle by merging local weaving techniques with industrial lighting. At this moment, PET Lamp is a consolidated project in different communities of artisans worldwide, which enables tradition and local culture cosmogony to be reflected on the final product.
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