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Wijchen, Netherlands

We have always had a fascination for rugs. Not only because of the look and material, but also because of the art of the handwork. It is a beautiful product. It will make your interior complete and is an eyecatcher in your room at the same time!

Since 1991 we design and import our rugs from all over the world.The biggest part of our collections is crafted in Morocco. Here we weave our rugs, piece by piece, by hand with the use of authentic weaving looms. We take the use of natural materials for granted, because this contributes to the look of our rugs.

Today, people want to adjust their products to their own desire. Here at Perletta we are specialized in crafting on demand. You can find a diversity of materials and colours in our different collections. Our rugs can be adjusted by texture, colour, and size to perfectly complete your interior.

Can you picture one of our rugs laying in your home? Just where it belongs.
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