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Peej .

Butjadingen, Germany

"Professional, versatile smuggler of informal invention : Painter of canvases, murals and objects"
Paul David Turrell has been Painting predominantly for the gastronomy trade for thirty odd years, busying himself with designing and creating unique furniture in traditional carpentry work, to fantasy wall paintings including large scale murals and of course always returning to the easel, finishing "dynamic abtract curiosity" paintings aswell as the occasional commission.
He's busied himself in various professions including; milkman's help, butcher, various obscure sales jobs, supermarket work until finally going to ground in the marshlands of northern Germany where he did youth work with his wife, together they also tried their hand at running a local artcafe for several years.
If he's not cutting the grass (not really a lawn), or sorting out his eclectic abode, you might be able to get in touch with him.
Check out his Instagram and give him a call.
Wescover creator since 2019

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