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Nashville, TN

I am fascinated by all things historical - but with a modern twist. I am a 3D hobbyist and love a challenge! I specialize in Victoriana and especially The Bronte Family.
The most remarkable thing about her isn't her talent - which is obvious the moment you see her - it is the breadth and uniqueness of it, the impeccable taste she employs in its execution, the finely tuned aesthetic she rigorously demands of her art and herself. In a marketplace ripe with cookie-cutter mediocrity, she stands out as an individual, a woman to be reckoned with, and you'd do well to check her out. -Rick Elias.
Peacoquette strives to create elegant whimsy for your home furnishings and textile prints for clothing and costumes. Peacoquette's 4000 designs have graced international runways, magazines, tv, stage as well as thousands of home-sewers and decorators across the world. No project is too big or small!
Wescover creator since 2020

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