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Pauly B

Hamilton, New Zealand

"Muralist and performance artist exploring life in images from a Zen perspective"
Pauly B is an artist based in New Zealand. His murals engage with their locations, responding to history, local communities, and how surrounding spaces are used. His passion for drawing is the common thread in his art practice, which includes live video performance, painting and street art. Pauly is the cofounder of the Boon Street Art Festival in Hamilton.

He performs live projection art for music and theatre as an extension of his visual arts practice. He is a member of the audio-visual improvisation band Dr. Mesmer’s Private Army. Previously, Pauly was a member of The Mamaku Project band. Pauly B has created video installations for theatre, dance, and opera and has performed throughout New Zealand and in Singapore and China.
Wescover creator since 2019

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