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Paulina X. Miranda


Born in Chile, Paulina has lived in Italy since 1999. She was awarded a scholarship to Davidson College N.C, USA and graduated from the University Catolica de Chile, where she won several prizes for her highly regarded oil paintings. Paulina is fascinated by history and historical figures. She uses literature, poetry and music as inspiration and starting points for her paintings.

Medieval tapestry, the Arts and Crafts Movement, Renaissance portraiture and William Morris also underpins her works. She combines these elements in her pieces, creating images that are not randomly put together but have a timeless quality resembling a sort of puzzle. Paulina paintings embrace nature and beauty and she does not apologise for doing so. To aspire to harmony and beauty in one's work is a powerful message, which is clearly seen and celebrated in the works she creates.

Artist statement
"My work has always searched for a union between the form created by human beings across the times and the diverse creatus forms; the divine form, so to say, nature. Is that harmony, that beauty that creates itself that interests me and the one I look for; that something that makes clear the unicity of the whole."
Wescover creator since 2020

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