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Paula Pääkkönen

Nuutajärvi, Finland

Paula Pääkkönen is a glassblower and a glass designer. She works in the famous glass village of Nuutajärvi, Finland. What lead her to this path was the need to work with her hands. She loves to see and feel the results of her imagination come alive.

What fascinates Paula the most are the never-ending possibilities of glass. She loves to challenge herself, learn more and push her skills to the limit. Her work is often inspired by different glassblowing techniques. She says that working with glass is like sketching in 3D - when working and trying on one idea, it might spark another one in the middle of the process.
As a designer, she’s inspired by Finnish nature, its purity and diversity, and the memory of a child’s imagination, where common things become magical and the proportions of the world vary and change in time.
Wescover creator since 2020

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