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Paul Waclo


"Top quality and unique wood sculptures"
Paul Waclo has many years of experience with design and production in various forms but, his latest creative adventure involves roaring horsepower and clouds of flying sawdust! After watching professional chainsaw carving in 2012, he knew this unusual art form was something he would enjoy. The first few carvings sold quickly and his ability to translate images in 3 dimensions from a large piece of wood seemed to come naturally. From the very start, customers began to request commissions for larger and more intricate concepts, forcing him to improve his speed, technique and detail to keep up with the demand for new designs. Now, his work has been featured in magazines, front page newspaper articles and TV. His efforts have taken him around the United States and Europe to realize every log or tree stump has the potential for an exciting new bear, eagle or dragon hiding inside waiting to be released.

Fire up your imagination and we can get started on your unique project!
Wescover creator since 2019

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