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Paul Anton and Bea Aiguabella

Paul Anton and Bea Aiguabella

Madrid, Spain

My practice deals with the relationships between Form and Matter in Space. The generation of the forms gets materialized and placed together until there is an activated relationship between them and the space where they are placed. I establish a back and forth system, where everything is spatially thought out and interlinked. I produce paintings, drawings, and models and assemble them testing structures and settings until the elements connect to the surrounding space and enjoy a condition of dialogue among them.

These poetical assemblages try to generate a mindful feeling of presence within the space: an experience arrived at through the composition and presence of materials. The handling of proportions and the effect of light. A quiet interplay of atmosphere and potentiality. I want to provoke a sensorial trip with elements placed together and interlocked in space to achieve an experience. All the while the resemblances to designed daily elements invite you to be mindful in the act of observation.

My work thrives upon the idea of repetition of simple elements and apparently the same in order to consider the relation of the binomial individual-collective. Based on nature, where this relation is seen constantly, all the leaves of a tree are different if we consider each one but the same if we consider the tree.

I work repeating strokes and marks on linen, different textiles and cotton paper. All the while my practice is surrounded by an aesthetic sense where color is co-protagonist. My aim is to generate interest in the act of observation to apparently repeated elements but absolutely unique if we look closely and we grasp its individuality. The impact of the idea of space will emboss its collective relation.

How many elements does a collective unit need to get formed?

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