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Patter Hellstrom Visual Art

San Francisco, CA

Patter Hellstrom is an artist, curator and artist educator based in Los Angeles. Projects in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, and Silicon Valley span super-graphics, installations, gallery exhibitions, and curated projects in museum and corporate settings. Her work reveals isolated brush movements executed with mudra-like precision give physical expression to an inner state of being, offering a platform to investigate the dichotomy between thought and emotion. That curious space is ripe with a complexity. The alchemy of how experience is lived out-dwells in the constancy of change despite our desire for permanence. Composed of energy, emotions flow like water mixing with our consciousness generating an ever-changing landscape. Balance is reached as structural lines are held despite insistent disruptions, speaking to stability within chaos. A seamless method of applying ink with unlikely brushes to a slick surface records the ephemeral moment or spark of experience.

Hellstrom’s extensive experience sees her working on art programs for corporate projects, gallery exhibitions of her work, and leading the visual arts program at Mirman School in Bel Air.
Wescover creator since 2018

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