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Patrick Norguet - Chairs and Furniture
Patrick Norguet
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Patrick Norguet

Paris, France

"It is by the line that Patrick Norguet approaches the object and the design. In school textbooks, he prefers sketchbooks that he has not stopped since childhood to fill sketches and drawings. An "on the job" approach of the industrial world then design studies in Paris (ESDI) will devote the atypical path of this constructive rebel.

His career changed in 2000 when Giulio Cappellini spotted his now famous Rainbow Chair. He enters the circle of creators that matter and creates his Paris office. Since then he has been drawing for major publishers (Tacchini, Kristalia, Cassina, Alias, Tolix ...) and famous brands that appeal to him.

For Patrick Norguet, design is above all a story of meeting: what fascinates him most is the exchange with the manufacturers, the discovery of their know-how, the impulse of a creative intention refined by the constraints of 'a technique, the economic stakes and expectations of a user he hopes, discreetly, but lastingly seduce.

Inspired by all that surrounds him, Patrick Norguet does not follow the fashions, but he tries to give shape to products whose accuracy and modernity would resist time: "A well-conceived object, an object thought around a generous collaboration remains timeless ".

From mass consumption to luxury, Patrick Norguet leaves an impression of accuracy and elegance. He is today an essential figure on the international scene."