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Patrick Elder

England, United Kingdom

Patrick Elder lives and works in Suffolk, England.

Sculpture: A Peaceful Process

In searching for peace and contentment in his life Patrick Elder came across Vipassana Meditation in 1989. Over the years of practising this profound technique, it became apparent that a great beneficial change had come about, not only in his daily life but also in his sculpture. In integrating the technique into his life it was to become the basis for all his work. Freeing up the mind allows a natural flow of creativity to occur. A natural result of this process is a sense of peace and harmony, which he tries to instil in his work. He says: "My purpose is to help create and promote a loving and peaceful world in which all may live happily and harmoniously together. To achieve this, I endeavour to work in a spontaneously creative manner, from a balanced centre of unconditional love, peace and harmony."

Patrick has exhibited widely and has work in collections throughout the UK, Europe, Australia, the USA and Switzerland.
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