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Patricia Degan Cerâmica Autoral

Cordeirópolis, Brazil

The creative ceramics

Graduated in agronomy, Patricia Degan soon woke up to a strong creative drive! She designed gardens, toured watercolors, looms, crochet hooks, modeled fire and cooked an alchemy of flavors. However, it was with pottery that she found, more than twenty years ago, her most intense side. The clay, modeling and firing are much more than the raw material and technical processes: these involve life, creation, imagination and the search for the singular beauty that each ceramic piece, unique as a living being, holds.
Patricia Degan creates each ceramic piece by hand, using non-toxic raw materials and high temperature firing. Such ceramics acquired very high quality, presenting resistance and adaptability for various uses. As cooking has always been one of her passions, it was natural that she started creating ceramics for food. Utilitarian pieces come out of her studio that excel in beauty and value, which can be used in the conventional oven, microwave oven and dishwasher. Pieces that respect and value food, making the act of eating even more pleasurable.
Wescover creator since 2020

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