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Patricia Claro - Art
Patricia Claro
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Patricia Claro

Santiago, Chile

“Patricia Claro was born in Santiago, Chile (1960). She studied Visual Arts (2006) and Design (1983), both at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. From 1981 to 2009, she participated in workshops by various artists where she studied painting and engraving techniques. The decision to study a second major (Visual Arts), after a long period of experimenting with different techniques, consolidated a stage of artistic and theoretic formation. This incited a painting and video work which lead to a new approach towards the theme of landscape.

She is conducting a visual investigation on the theme of landscape and water as the infinite source of images. Her personal interpretation of this scenario in movement is the result of a rigorous experimental study of the dual quality of water and its reflections. She proposes new expressive possibilities, emphasizing her particular vertical view towards landscape which demonstrate the capacity of water to reflect the environment.

She has received the grant Fondart 07, from the government of Chile, for the project “Final Landscape” which is about pictorial restoration of Patagonia. She has also won the Academic Excellence Award in both majors of Visual Arts and Design
in Universidad Católica de Chile.”