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Atlanta, GA

Born and raised in El Salvador, (Sta. Tecla, La Libertad), immigrated when I was 19 in 2005. I Always being into the art scene, my passion began to cultivate greatly 3 yrs ago when I moved to the city (Atlanta, Ga). Being surround this great art community have taught me there’s no borders and if there is a boundary I can be so powerful to erase with joy and authenticity . What I’m trying to transmit with my art: consciousness, love and laugh (joy). I love to support local because it’s about giving everyone opportunities specially if you are an immigrant, which means being a better you!. I have two wonderful kiddos Adrian Alfredo (8 ) + Aaron Hdz. (7). that are the reason that my crazy creativity gets on point . My art is based on feelings, music, food and iconic people, I love being LATINX! because my culture, my roots, my origins are one of the most valuable treasures I have learned to love through the path... a path I didn’t choose to live, which I earned and to me has been a therapy of the person I am right now the one who promotes, gives and works for you it’s the beauty that my parents raised me to share, give and don’t expect and keep working !
Wescover creator since 2019

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