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Pascal Bouterin

Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, France

"Between the color and the rhythm and, of course, enhance the natural elements of their pieces. “We believe that the relationship between you and a chair is like a handshake or an agreement. You just know when it feels right.” —Ros Broughton"
Pascal Bouterin is a French artist based out of Saint Rémy de Provence, France. His international exhibition list includes cities such as Paris, Barcelona, Geneva, Bastogne, New York, Fort Worth, Bâton Rouge, and Atlanta. Most recently, Bouterin was chosen as the featured artist at the 2009 Huntsville Museum of Art Gala (Huntsville, Alabama) and exhibited at the Musée Estrine (Saint Remy de Provence, France).

Bouterin’s paintings are commended for addressing old world themes in a contemporary style. His abstract interpretations of international landscapes invite the individual and his/her imagination into an assortment of cosmopolitan or pastoral environments. The delicate composition of his works has the extraordinary ability to take a person to a sentimental, often romantic, place.
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