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Paola Paronetto

Porcia, Italy

Paola Paronetto was born in Pordenone in 1965. Her professional training began in 1988 with an intense series of training courses.
Her artistic development has included many different experiences which range from continuous experimentation in her own production, to teaching at the renowned Meridiana School of Ceramics, and cooperation with many different art galleries.

While interpreting the tastes and tendencies of a public who loves contemporary design, she is in no way conditioned by this in her work.
Her experimentation is the spontaneous result of a deep feeling of the beauty that springs from nature and from the simplicity of formal content.

At the moment she is working mostly on paper clay.
Her collections range from purely decorative objects , sometimes of notable size, to everyday objects and are designed for those who love to surround themselves with refined and exclusive objects , individual pieces which reveal both the artisan’s skill and the artist’s communicative intentions.

Paola Paronetto’s philosophy has so far been successful, and her products have been sold in prestigious shops in Italy and abroad.

The following is a list of her most important exhibitions: 1999 - Galleria Adriana – San Vito al Tagliamento (PN); 2001 - Galleria Gagliardi - San Gimignano (SI) ; Galleria Gulliver - Elba (Isola d'Elba); Galleria Geometrie - Greve di Chianti (FI); 2002 - Casa Gaia da Camino - Portobuffolè (TV); Galleria Gagliardi - San Gimignano (SI); Galleria M.Arte – Milano; 2003 - Galleria Studio Logos – Roma; Galleria Gagliardi - San Gimignano (SI); 2005 - Galleria Gagliardi - San Gimignano (SI); Galleria Gagliardi - Taormina (ME); 2006 - Teche Galleria – Empoli (FI); Galleria Gagliardi – San Gimignano (SI); Galleria Gagliardi – San Gimignano (SI); 2008 - Erreti Arte – Mantova; Galleria Gagliardi - San Gimignano (SI); Centro Interporto – Pordenone; 2009 - Galleria la Roggia – Pordenone; 2009 - Galleria Aldo Moro-Cordenons (PN); 2010 - Humus Park- Land Art Meeting–Torre (PN); 2010 - Maestri a Nordest - Biennale d’Arte Contemporanea; 2010 - CONTINUUM-1970/2010 (galleria la Roggia) Trieste; 2011 - Talenti–Portobuffolè (TV); 2011 - Terre Papier-Musee de la Ceramique Bernard Palissy; 2013 - Percezioni Instabili - Palazzo della Provincia di Pordenone. 2016/2017 –exhibition “W. Women in Italien Design” part of the ninth edition of Triennale Design Museum, Milano; 2016 –Design.VE, Venice–2017 Contemporary Ceramics Centre London; 2018, Giroussens - La Derive des Contenants; 2018 - 2019 - MUMEDI, Museo Mexicano del Diseño, Città del Messico in collaboration with La Triennale di Milano.
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