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Palek Studio

Des Moines, IA

"Painting anything on nearly anything!"
Frank Frazetta. H.R. Giger. Hieronymus Bosch.
Over the past couple of centuries, few artists have achieved the legendary status
like that of Frank, H.R. and Hieronymus. Shawn Palek is on his way to infamy, via the route of his Airbrush artwork. With coming up on 32 years of experience in the industry, Shawn has achieved success over many spans of media, such as Art Shows, Competitions, Teaching, Television Interviews, Magazines and Rallies. He’s accumulated many awards, and friends along the way.
When asked what the best advice he’d ever received, it was “Get to Work!” That no
one was going to do the work for him. He knew then, at the age of 19, that he
wanted to leave his mark on this world, in one way or another! The airbrush found him, and he has mastered it’s ability to achieve great things. Just like the airbrush found him, Shawn also believes he will always need to find the right person for each of his
one-of-a-kind paintings. “The rightful owners of the painting are out there, you
just have to find them!”
Shawn is a master of “Speed-Realism.” He spends his days teaching at a local college, participating in/and curating various art shows, as well as working on
commission works for clients.
Shawn’s motto is “Painting anything on nearly anything,” so it fits that his artwork is
on almost any surface, from metals, to canvas, to buildings and walls. He enjoys painting realism and is an expert in portrait work. With having painted over 40,000 paintings
in his 32 year career, he’s had a lot of practice at getting the sparkle in the subject’s eye captured on all sorts of materials.
Shawn also enjoys painting Sci-Fi works, and has painted some seriously cool paintings that are pirate themed.
His recent adventures have been painting authors on the hard back cover of books. He calls this series Authors on Literature. It has been a big success for him, and the books often travel the library circuit in Iowa.
Shawn also does custom pieces for many customers on all sorts of surfaces.
Wescover creator since 2019

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