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Pablo Benlliure

Mexico City, Mexico

"His artwork is inspired by primitive African art and Prehispanic cultures, using a lot of color and his personal style."
Plastic artist born in Mexico city the 30th of January 1989. Even if he has shown interest in
plastic and visual arts since a very young age, his work is constantly evolving because each one of his art pieces comes from a personal experience where the artist expresses his emotions turning his art into catharsis. He personally describes this experience as “taking a breath of fresh air after being submerged in deep water”.
He works with influential issues in his life, the most relevant being: Women, sexuality, childhood and the abstract, since these issues have made a big impact in his personal and professional growth.
The techniques that are most commonly used by the artist are: Painting, engraving and
photography with the help of a large variety of recycled materials such as glass, sand, metals,wood and paper which give a whole new sense to what was destined to be discarded.
Nowadays, he has participated in a large number of exhibitions that took place in important
locations in Mexico city as well as in different states of the country and has numerous
publishings in various media.
Wescover creator since 2020

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