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Ousmane Mbaye DESIGN

Dakar, Senegal

Born November 26, 1975 in Dakar, Ousmane Mbaye, is a Senegalese designer and decorator. A former refrigeration technician - a profession he has held for 17 years - he takes advantage of this know-how (or "savoir fer", according to him1) to create contemporary furniture from recycled materials (drum lids). galvanized metal water pipes) 2. He lives and works in Soumbedioune (Dakar).

Ousmane MBAYE is a creative artist, coming from a sensitive, intuitive and technical path.

Trained by a long apprenticeship, especially with his father, in manual trades, after a classical schooling shortened by a clear refusal to follow the rails that were not adapted to such an abundant intelligence, the artist gradually became aware of the fact that Beyond the mastery of matter and technique, was inserted an aesthetic preoccupation whose influence became preeminent in the course of its existence.

From an insatiable curiosity, first quality of an artist, moved by a deep need of rigor and quality and always concerned with the beauty of things, Ousmane MBAYE is thus as and when maturing man and artist - one not going without the other - on the other side of the mirror, migrating, for our greatest happiness, from the trade of technician-craftsman to that of artist-creator, without ever one do not deny the other, on the contrary, one serving as a solid foundation for the other.

Ousmane MBAYE has a special fondness for metal and likes to start from the raw material to, folding it according to its inspiration, assembling and reworking it, making it a table, a tray, a lamp.

Ousmane MBAYE is recognized today in Senegal and much further still as an essential representative of the creative liveliness of his generation.
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