Oscar Lett - Art and Street Murals
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Oscar Lett

Oscar Lett

New York, NY

"Cross-cultural mural art influenced by aesthetics and cultures of the world"
Best known for his cross-cultural approach, Oscar Lett stands out by his bold looking paintings prominently using black and contrasting metallic colours.
Currently based in NYC, the Parisian artist loves to embrace the influences of the countries he lived in. After moving to London to study at Central Saint Martins, Oscar then moved to Kyoto as he sought teaching from the masters of Nihonga (traditional Japanese painting). Appropriating each culture and their aesthetics, O.L developed a unique style depicting a world where opposites can coexist and where people overcome their struggles in impossible urban jungles.
Working in large-scale and always craving bigger, Oscar naturally moved to New York in 2016 and made the street his new playground. Now Lett works across medium and surfaces, marrying his fine art and mural art.

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