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Olivia Obrecht

San Diego, CA

Born into a military family, she moved to Japan in 1997, where she spent her early years in Kanagawa Prefecture. It was in Japan that she discovered her love for art and creating, making her first drawing at the age of 4. She continued making art throughout her childhood, drawing on whatever papers or surfaces were available — even drawing on herself and her friends when given the chance (a practice that she’s continued on into today, growing from little gel pen doodles to larger, elaborate body art “tattoos”).

She began her formal art education through the Visual Arts department of the Coronado School of the Arts program in California. Upon graduating in 2012, she studied Fine Arts and Illustration at Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 2016.
It was at Otis that she began exploring her signature black and white, complexly patterned style. Her fine art and drawing pieces largely showcases the labor of the artist’s hand, emphasizing an excessive usage of detailing, patterning, stippling and drawing that completely saturate her canvases.
In addition to these pieces, she also has a love of illustration and cartooning, where she draws inspiration from the animated films, anime, and manga she soaked up when she was younger.

After graduating from Otis, she followed her heart back to Japan to work as an Assistant Language Teacher through the JET Programme for 2 years.
She lived and worked in the beautiful countryside of Shimane Prefecture, home to some of Japan’s oldest myths and legends.

While there, she had the amazing opportunity to surround herself with Japanese artistic influences — soaking up the picturesque architectural styles of the countryside around her; visiting various museums in Shimane (including the stunning Adachi Art Museum and it’s famous gardens), Tottori (the neighboring prefecture) and Tokyo; visiting numerous shrines, temples, and castles, all adorned with stunning traditional carvings and paintings; and being dazzled by the gorgeous patterns found on kimono and yukata , and origami paper.

After 2 years of teaching in Japan — and being blessed with a variety of opportunities to work as an artist, including the production of 2 murals and illustrating a university workbook — she returned to California to focus on her artistic career.

She currently resides in San Diego, California, and has been working on a variety of projects — logo & graphic design projects for companies; storyboarding for film and video; assisting on various film productions as a PA and flexing new creative muscles; tattoo, illustration, and fine art commissions; performing at several Live Art events; a gallery show in Los Angeles, and more. She is excited to be back and working with so many unique and creative people and projects, and is looking forward to all that is coming next.
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