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Oliver Ashworth-Martin

Melbourne, Australia

"Celebrating and augmenting the hidden depths of nature"
My artistic practice is deeply inspired by the natural world, this is explored through a cross disciplinary practice of drawing, sculpture and installation. 

Originally from the UK I now live and work as an artist in Australia. Since moving to this ancient land I have become extremely drawn to the native seed pods of Australia, exploring their hidden fractal forms and totemic symbolism within the land.

Through a process of magnification, abstraction and alteration of the native pods, I am inviting the viewer to engage in a deeper contemplation of these organic forms and see the hidden fractal order present within all life. Both my sculptural and two-dimensional practice are investigations into the timeless and formless intelligence within nature, the ghost in the machine. No matter what is removed there will always be another layer of complexity waiting to be revealed.
Wescover creator since 2020

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