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okMitch Studio - Signage
okMitch Studio
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okMitch Studio

Brooklyn, NY

Based in Brooklyn, NY, okMitch Studio is a sign making, painting and gold leaf gilding company. It was established in the spring of 2008 and is helmed by Dmitry Pankov and Angel Saemai.

Mitch is not your typical sign painter. He hails from Russia, near the Black Sea Coast, but now lives and works out of Brooklyn. Born Mitya (short for Dmitry), Mitch is much easier for Yanks to pronounce. In Russia, Mitch and his friend worked together and individually under the moniker Unplate, throwing up street art projects and commercial murals. With an education in photography and photo design, Mitch has exhibited art in Russia, Belgium, NY, LA and Miami. His work has also been published in various international magazines.

In 2006, Mitch came to New York where he worked as a graphic designer and silkscreen printer for sign shops. He has since decided to pick up where he left off in Russia, to further the display of public work and supergraphics with okMitch Studio's murals and signs. Along the way, he taught himself to create hand painted signs and the art of gold leaf gilding.

Angel Saemai wears many hats. She is Mitch’s partner, painting assistant, salesperson, creative director, photographer and blogger. Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, she has a background in advertising and has worked for several, top Fortune 500 Brands, at a major social network and for music and art non-profit groups.

Similar to Mitch's roots in graffiti, the studio enjoys working in public spaces, preferably through an analog method and with both traditional and/or digital techniques. Moreover, the studio's main objective is to incorporate an artistic sensibility into commercial work, producing a quality of design that represents all that they love - that, which is fun, unique, stylish and interesting. The studio consistently looks for new ways to experiment, grow and realize its ideas through artwork development and traditional forms of hand done craftsmanship.

For more of the duo's work, through the execution of large-scale outdoor murals and advertising, is a recent undertaking called Overall Murals.