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NoseGo - Murals and Art
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Philadelphia, PA

“Philadelphia based artist NoseGo, or Yis Goodwin, delves into the undivided creativity of his subconscious for inspiration. Unrestrained by the limitations of reality, his imagination is given free reign throughout his creative process. NoseGo’s works host a wealth of quasi-mythological characters often in varying degrees animal, humanoid and object. By defamiliarizing the known objects of the world through the absurdist reconstitution of their parts, NoseGo’s works are like Frankenstein aberrations: beautiful, odd and entirely unknown. Childlike and unerringly spontaneous, the artist’s creatures are whimsically grotesque and captivating; culled intuitively from images or themes that resonate and linger in the recesses of the artist’s imagination. With the skill of an accomplished illustrator and graphic artist, NoseGo’s images are concise and graphically powerful, expressing the pure unadulterated enjoyment in the creative play of their making. They are equal parts fantasy and technique, and reveal the impressive breadth of NoseGo’s uncensored vision.”