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Noble Neon

Seattle, WA

"Working with noble gasses, glass and electricity is both an art and a science. As a medium, neon’s alchemical quality invites us to seek ways to transcend its conventional uses. From signage to interior lighting and sculptural pieces, we invite you to imagine the possibilities."
Cedar Mannan and Lia Hall are both Pacific Northwest natives. Hall from the city of Seattle and Mannan grew up in the woods of Washington’s Willapa Bay with no running water or electricity.

Mannan began his exploits into neon in a class Evergreen State College in 1995, where also studied audio engineering, multimedia, and photography. He continued with an apprenticeship under a career glass bender, and has worked at neon sign shops from Seattle, WA to Brooklyn, NY where he met Hall.

Hall has worked in various mediums from printmaking and photography to painting and film. She ventured into neon installation beginning in 2010 after graduating from The New School University where she earned an MFA in Poetry.

Between the two, they have experience fabricating and installing works by artists such as Bruce Nauman, James Turrell, Keith Sonnier, Tracy Emin, Assume Vivid Astro Focus, Martin Creed, Roy McMakin, Glenn Ligon and Tavares Strachan.

Wielding a diverse set of disciplines, Hall and Mannan started taking commissions vis à vis their own neon studio known as Noble Neon. They regularly work in collaboration with other artists, collectives, designers and architects. Additionally, they design and create their own artwork including the award-winning sculptural piece, “This is About the Stories,” originally exhibited at Method Gallery in Seattle, WA. They have also installed their work and neon fixtures in unlikely places such as in the trees and amongst the tropical plants of Seattle’s Volunteer Park and Conservatory.

Hall and Mannan aspire to bring neon “off the wall,” designing new ways to feature the luminous tube. Through the language of light their work invites the viewer to experience the alchemical quality of the fourth most abundant element in the universe.
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