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Nina Karavasiles

San Diego, CA

"Introspection within public spaces"
Nina Karavasiles has interfaced with many built environments- a fire station, trolley, bridge and several affordable housing developments. The concepts often deal with environmental issues. “I like to create an intimate scene. That sounded odd; very public places with small visual things that lead to introspection. I like the challenge of making things that can be seen over and over with varied thoughts and things that can be seen only once and still have an impact. Things don’t have to be large to have a big impact”.
A career of two decades in the arts also lends itself to cultivating things just outside of the strict visual arts. For instance she wrote the book “Alzheimer's: Embracing the Humor”, short stories with a journalistic style of accompanying photographs. (Amazon). Also that has a vast array of devices designed and built by Karavasiles that assist one to get into their own meditation practice. Like chanting for people more visual than sound induced.
Nina’s regular web site is
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