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Nicolas Lequeux - Tableware
Nicolas Lequeux
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Nicolas Lequeux

Paris, France

After graduating with a Master of Communication and Media Engineering (CME), his research focuses on the links between humanity and objects. Its first object is a mobile phone shell, an object that has become as indispensable as the knife of the Middle Ages, which has been sold in Colette.

Soon, he wonders about the love that humans have for objects. In 2018, his stool project The Kindness received a special prize from Villa Noailles for the idea of recycling cork material. He mixes materials and high/low technologies or his exceptional know-how experiments with exigency and conscience.

With Emaux de Longwy, he works on the Art & Craft history of the manufactory to create new patterns to link newer and older generations using full colors and childish digital graphics.

His projects are based on the search for functionality and rationality by adding his emotional touch.

Now, he works between Paris and Hyères-Les-Palmiers.