Nicolas Holiber

Brooklyn, NY

Nicolas Holiber is a Brooklyn-based artist known for his large-scale public works and mixed media paintings. His sculptures often draw on themes from ancient art and the antiquities, reimagining such motifs through a contemporary lens. Using reclaimed lumber combined with artistic materials in many works, Holiber’s process finds inspiration in the conceivably never-ending act of deconstruction and reconstruction. The artist’s intent is to lend meaning and subject matter to disparate objects that previously had neither. Constructed in a fashion that celebrates the medium’s imperfections, Holiber’s sculptural work provides a trace of something primal and totemic in their execution.

The artist’s current public art installation, Nicolas Holiber: Birds on Broadway, the Audubon Sculpture Project is on view in New York City along Broadway from 64th – 157th Streets in Manhattan, through January 2020. Presented by the Broadway Mall Association in partnership with NYC Parks and New York City Audubon, this exhibition features ten oversized sculptures of New York City birds that are in danger of extinction due to climate change.

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