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Nicola Collie

Los Angeles, CA

"Movement isn't always on a dancing body, sometimes it lands on a canvas and if you get lucky, it might appear just as ephemeral."
As a contemporary dancer and choreographer by trade, I've used painting and drawing as part of my studio practice for a long time. Painting in particular is always something I've adored and the practice of it brings me a lot of peace. Finding color palettes that bring utter contentment and chance brush strokes mixed in with the more deliberate parts of the canvas make it magical to me. It's been a beautiful way to expand how we see and digest dance. Contemporary dance has often been on the fringes, and without a lot of education on the subject, I think it has a tendency to isolate those who feel they can enjoy it. My style of painting is reflective of the type of dance I do. Frequently improvised; chance and spontaneity play a large role in what ends up on a canvas. These pieces are sinuous, idiosyncratic, kinetic - seeing if I can adapt dance, a form that is so ephemeral and capture that in a different medium. I also occasionally do portraiture for the sheer hell and enjoyment of it!
Wescover creator since 2020

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