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Nick Zafir

Perth, Australia

Welcome to the Brainchild of Artist Nick Zafir. From professional photography services, to design projects, videography and street art - I’m on it. I grew up doing all of it - and now that I’m a little bit greyer I do it for a living.

I say stupid shit, make bad jokes and I’m a massive dork. But whatever I’m doing in my creative mix bag, I always push myself to be the best I can. My art practise and photography are intertwined - For me, It’s all about being authentic and showing the genuine feelings, emotions and experiences.

With over 10 years making various forms of art and 5 years experience shooting photos professionally (Weddings, elopements, family and small business needs) I’m well equipped to provide everything you need.

I bring a relaxed attitude to make your art ideas happen and to capture the spirit of your special day. It’s an honour to be included in this massive moment in your life and i always immerse myself with yourself, guests and the fun to capture the atmosphere that is most authentically you.

Art, creating and documenting is my life, and being able to do it for others is an absolute dream. Let’s talk about your ideas, and make it happen!
Wescover creator since 2019

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