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Kyoto, Japan

Born and raised in Kyoto, Japan in 1978. Aspire to be a potter when she was an elementary school student. Studied the basics of ceramics at Kyoto City Douda Art High School

Began to be interested in England, where ceramic culture is thriving.

After working as an assistant of the Department of Ceramics at Kyoto University of Art and Design, went to England. Established his own ceramic brand “miyabi ceramics” in London.

He belongs to the Chocolate Factory studio where local artists are active.

Mainly engaged in outdoor work pottery and horticultural production activities in the writer Lucy Smith's workshop.

Produced at the request of zuma and roka restaurants , one of the best Japanese restaurants in London .

For events such as London hidden art where only artists living in East London can participate

Also exhibited.

Vessel production for a leukemia fund charity event held by a British capitalist.

After four and a half years of production in the UK and staying in Spain, he returned to Japan.

Started production activities in Kyoto Miyama and Oharano.

In 2010, the kiln opened in Oharano. (Ceramics class, Gibier restaurant “ nest ” established using own vessel .

There are many works that make use of previous experience and exceed the genre of pottery, porcelain and items. Attract attention from the surface.
We are also involved in collaboration products with companies, restaurants and personal order vessels.

One of the themes is the creation of a relaxing space that heals through the production of lighting and containers in ceramics .
Wescover creator since 2019

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