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NC Qin

Sydney, Australia

"Conflict exists in every corner of the world, it exists in our everyday life, between strangers, colleagues, neighbours, within the familial sphere and within ourselves. In this pool of tension, we are navigators constantly misunderstanding or blind to the signals we see and hear. My glass installations explore the obstacles that cloud our vision/perception, making solid yet transparent the obstacles that are often intangible. By making tangible these barriers to a more empathetic world, perhaps the audience will slow down and see the hurdles reflected within themselves."
I grew up in Sydney with a typical Asian family, my parents like many others wanted me to be one of the trio of career prestige: a lawyer, doctor or accountant. And why not? My maths was good. If I had been thinking entirely objectively at the time I would have realized they would have afforded me a modest and stable wealth.

But my heart was seized by passion, and I could not hear of it. I, I decided, was going to rise to the ranks of the Old Masters whom I idolized. And for all my imagination, I could not see myself as anything else other than an artist. So strong was the pull to become one.
Wescover creator since 2020

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