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Nayland W. Blake - Sculptures and Art
Nayland W. Blake
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Nayland W. Blake

New York, NY

“Nayland Blake (born 1960 in New York, NY) is an artist whose focus is on interracial attraction, same-sex love, and intolerance of the prejudice toward them. His mixed-media work has been variously described as disturbing, provocative, elusive, tormented, sinister, hysterical, brutal, and tender.

Blake's work perennially theatricalizes, and even eroticizes, the characteristically suppressed linkages between interracial desire, same-sex desire, and the overt displays of bigotry and intolerance that customarily greet such transgressions as these.

Accoutrements of "low" or "outlaw" culture such as long hair and beards, tattoos, Confederate flags, pipe-smoking, and professional wrestling, none of which are part of Blake's own heritage and appear antithetical to his identities as a multiracial queer artist, are nonetheless recuperated and infused with a significant (and often problematic) erotic potential.

In 1996, Blake returned to New York, and in 2003 he accepted a position as chair of the International Center of Photography and Bard College's joint M.F.A. program in Advanced Photographic Studies.

Through his work as an artist, teacher, and curator, Blake exerts an important influence on queer art, art scholarship, and artists.”