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Natasha Alphonse Ceramics

Seattle, WA

"Hand made dinnerware and ceramic art objects."
I owe a lot of gratitude to my roots, growing up in the Northern tip of Saskatchewan, on a small reservation called Black Lake First Nations. Everyday I see how this past shapes what kind of maker I chose to become.

Exploring landscape consumed my childhood. We fished, ate caribou, raised sled dogs, and were told stories of how different life was for my grandparents. Things were so different not that long ago for my family, dependent on what the earth gave them. My granny told me stories of when she was born in a tipi, when dogs were the main form of transportation.

I am part of the Denesuline tribe. I was taught legends of caribou peoples, little people who live along the waters edge and giants who roamed the land. The combination of having such freedom to explore my wild backyard and think about these magical stories gave me great wonder and love for the earth.

This land we come from has always been a curiosity in the art I make, from my drawings to spatial installation and now functional ceramics. I think because it is surrounded with so much powerful history, sustenance and stillness, all at once.

I began to make things with clay unexpectedly, and inevitably it seems. I value how clay is a great teacher in patience, quietness, letting go and the fact that there is always so much more to learn. I love the aspect of creating something from earth, watching it transform at each step to the final stage of it leaving to be used and experienced by someone. From the beginning stages of soft mud, to fragile dry clay and finally to stone.

As I make each piece, I like to wonder what new routines and rituals they will become apart of.
The forms I make are quiet and simplified designs. I gravitate towards natural earthy tones. I enjoy leaving some exterior surfaces unglazed so you can feel the texture of the clay.

I hope that they become vessels that grow more interesting with time and that they intensify what you chose to put inside them. These pieces are made to add beauty to what you surround yourself with, objects you eat with everyday and share food with the ones you love.
Wescover creator since 2019

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