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Natalja Kent - Wall Hangings and Art
Natalja Kent
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Natalja Kent

Los Angeles, CA

Natalja Kent is a Los Angeles based artist. She considers herself an artist/photographer. She grew up in a home of artists and took to oil painting and photography from an early age. This has informed her trajectory of experimentation and openness. For a time, her work was more installation-based. She played in experimental rock bands, hosted multi-media events, made sculptures. She believes that being an artist is deeply rooted in listening to one’s intuition – and that guidance will take one to the right places to work, whatever that may be.

For her meditation is the space she opens for her intuition to become a stronger, and integrating it into her art was a natural progression. While going through a particularly rocky time in her personal life, she decided to take a class in Mindful Based Stress Reduction Meditation. There she learned the tenets that gave space to her body and feelings in a way she had not had access to before. She began integrating this mindfulness practice into most areas of her life, eventually weaving it into her art-making.