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Natachu INK - Murals and Art
Natachu INK
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Natachu INK

Zuni, NM

My name is Kandis Quam. My clans are Folded Arm People and child of an Eagle. My Mother's name is Jayne Quam. My Father's name is Lynn Quam. My Late Paternal Grandmother's name was Annie Gasper. My Late Paternal Grandfather's name was Lambert Homer. My Late Maternal Grandmother's name was Bahe Tom. My Late Maternal Grandfather's name was George Tom.

Art has always been in my life, from the moment I was born. I come from a family of well-known native artists. As a result of growing in an artistic family, I got to watch and learn from my parents, Jayne and Lynn Quam, navigate the art show world. Even at a young age I knew my destiny was/is continue the Quam family legacy of art.

However, I also wanted to be in the first in my family to graduate college. Once I graduated from Zuni High School, I went to New Mexico State University Main Campus. Five years later, I graduated with a Bachelor’s in Cultural Anthropology and a minor in American Indian Studies. From then on I went back home to the Pueblo of Zuni, and began building up Natachu INK full time with my cousin Elroy Natachu Jr.

In the early summer of 2014, Elroy began to teach me how to paint and do other areas of the arts, such as: making traditional clothes, making jewelry, and embroidery. Through every piece of art I do, I aim pushed my art to the next caliber: infusing the traditional with a modern twist.

My main subject matter of choice is imagery with a heavy Zuni influence. The reason being is to instill a sense of cultural preservation, in this modern age the younger generation. I hope to help to further enforce the importance of oral tradition, and the passing on of knowledge, with the stories and teaching of how these sacred beings and entities were held in high regard by our ancestors. Through my use of visual media I seek to bridge the past with the present, and create change through beauty.