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Nancy Mendez

Yonkers, NY

"What would be of us if we didn’t challenge what we think, what we dream..."
Westchester, New York based Visual Artist, Nancy Mendez, has been creating Art since childhood.

Drawing inspiration from her Ecuadorian and Puerto Rican heritage, her love for music, nature, and mysticism, Nancy’s work is distinguished by an ever-present current of Eros, the same passion that fuels her life.

A free spirited and eccentric being, Nancy’s work could only be partially understood through her unique approach of mixed media usage and raw emotions.

Her work embodies an elusive magical world, where she makes her works more personal to her viewers, forcing them to project their own feelings and emotions onto each character in her enchanting creations.

Nancy has also trained as a teacher, attaining an MA in Art ED from Lehman College, and is eager to continue sharing her passion for art with students, understanding that artistic creativity has the power to nurture and unite. It has been through art that she has been able to find the meaning of life.

-Nancy Mendez
Wescover creator since 2019

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