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Nancy Koenigsberg - Sculptures and Art
Nancy Koenigsberg
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Nancy Koenigsberg

New York, NY

Nancy Koenigsberg was born in Philadelphia. She lives and works in New York City. She says the grid of the city's streets is a "part of her DNA" and is reflected in much of her work. As the work employs the regularity and repetitiveness of the grid, it also includes the nuances and intricacies found in both urban and natural environments and in the textile world she's been immersed in for decades.

Koenigsberg has a rich history of study and work in all things textile.
She and a partner began and conducted a successful needlepoint business that thrived for many years in New York City. Next came a period of study at The New School for Social Research. She and fellow students began the Textile Study Group of New York holding monthly meetings for lectures, presentations and demonstrations by invited artists and area professionals. The group was founded in 1977. Koenigsberg is today President Emerita and still deeply involved in the group's ongoing programming.

Her current work focuses on wire sculpture. Free-standing, wall pieces and installation works are woven, knotted, crocheted or otherwise manipulated from various weights and colors of copper, steel and aluminum wire. Grids are distorted, layered and shaped. Materials are shiny and dull, fragile and industrial strength. The various combinations and contrasts challenge and engage both visually and conceptually.

Koenigsberg has an extensive exhibition history, detailed on her resume, and has completed numerous commissions. Her work is included in museum and public collections and the homes and work-places of many private individuals.