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Munich, Germany

The artist creates people, figures and landscapes with the help of different materials and thus the accent on color and light. Color and representation in her painting reflect feelings and situations that interact with (experienced) surroundings.

For her, art and painting represent fascination – creativity – spontaneity and an inner liberation. It is essential for the artist to transform a – often subconscious – intellectual and abstract process in a sensible, aesthetic perception.

After her graphic design studies and 3 semesters of art history, the path of the artist NADO has emerged quite differently. She worked for several years as a graphic designer for various magazines – but let her career slip away.

In the 90s, NADO began to devote herself intensively to painting as a balance and began to develop further with a number of exhibitions and art seminars.

In recent years, NADO has repeatedly tried to catch up with the Academy of Fine Arts in Kolbermoor again and takes part in Art Seminars with the gifted ZHOU Brothers in Workshops every year. Thus, her style has evolved significantly and gave her new impetus to modernity, more and more to engage in abstract art.
Wescover creator since 2019

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