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Aarhus, Denmark

"A mix of Nordic design & African tradition to create a colourful and inspirational universe of story telling with unique fabrics and left over materials in high quality to increase a sustainable indoor environments."
mumutane is a Danish design brand with a passion for sustainability and Africa. It is founded by two friends, the designer Line Dalby Gundersen and business entrepreneur, Maria Kastrup Lausten in 2018.

We mix the Danish design tradition with African aesthetic and culture primarily in terms of wax print textiles. We find it highly interesting to dive into the long tradition of fabrics with symbols, colours, patterns and tales from and about Africa. We support small independent wax print shops driven by women in Westafrica, mainly Nigeria. We buy small amounts of leftover fabrics and mix them with deadstock fabrics from the international Danish textile company, Kvadrat. This gives a unique and fascinating expression. We aim to tell the story of Africa’s culture and capabilities and hope to be able to spread the message that Africa is capable and has so much to offer both in terms of creative competences, colours and uniqueness.

Furthermore, we get some accessories sewn and produced in Nigeria at a small, local company driven by mum and daughter, who has a few employees. This is due to our ‘give work’ philosophy - we want to support young women to be able to provide for themselves and their families and hopefully be able to drive local development through this setup.

Since our cushions are combined of both Danish and African fabrics, they are being produced at a socio economic company in Denmark to give people with less work capability the chance to get a more normal everyday with a few hours work during the week.
All in all we want to design and make products with purpose - not mass produced products, but products with a story and is doing good around the world. Furthermore, people get unique and colourful products in their home to spread joy and happiness.

We hope you will go to our website and see the many beautiful colours, prints and patterns and enjoy them as much as we do. Do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions.

Best regards
Line & Maria from mumutane
Wescover creator since 2019

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