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Ms Snaps

Palmerston City, Australia

"Spreading love larger than life 🤘🏼😘"
Ms Snaps is a Darwin based urban artist who specialises in graffiti, murals and typography fonts. Her enthusiasm for street art grew from her passion and love for photography and the outdoors. This came about when she met her partner, a Graffiti Artist from London. Her styles are heavily influenced by his London background and made to pop with her love of bright colours. She has a strong connection with her community and has spent many years working with children and youth through her career running a child care centre for school age children and in her current role as a Community Engagement Coordinator at her local library. She is passionate about supporting her communities young people. Miss Snaps finds herself pushing her creativity in a city with new and unlimited potential, with the intention of spreading that creativity nationally and internationally.
Wescover creator since 2019

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