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Ms Jetoapple

Brighton, United Kingdom

Born in the 90s and bred in Hong Kong, and a graduate of University of Brighton, I am a full time graphic designer and an artist based in Brighton, UK. I take inspirations from Marc Chagall with his narrative painting.

My works show an atmospheric and ephemeral sense of a story, reviving a nostalgia sensation within my paintings by capturing small yet powerful moment of daily life.

Isn’t weird that the moment you usually remember isn’t the big moment but something rather irrelevant - a breeze in a hot summer day, the smell of the ocean or the warmth sensation when the sun ray shines on your back. These are the memories of experience and of existence.

It is that rush of endorphins and that light-hearted feeling which intrigue your memories and bring you back to the past. I want my painting to be a universal language that not only moves me but also resonate with others.
Wescover creator since 2020

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