Most Modest

Stockton, CA

A Stockton, California based design studio specializing in craft inspired technology goods.

Fundamental to our process is the idea that the journey defines the destination. Through extensive research, sketching, 3-D modeling, and rapid prototyping, we test and validate every potential solution to ensure an incredible result. Our background in product design, engineering and branding have taught us that innovation comes through immersive experiences and vibrant collaborations. We are committed to a studio that works closely with clients, brings the highest level of creative talent to every endeavor, and provides unmatched attention to detail.

Our world-class product design team is anchored to an extensive supply chain network for prototyping, engineering, and production. This unique characteristic allows Most Modest to support clients the entire way through the development process. Along with providing a cost-effective and manufacturable design, we can create turn-key solutions that give clients innovative and beautiful products through a managed risk approach.

Where can you find Most Modest's Items?